Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lacey Lacey Appliqué

Everyone has those tanks in their drawer that you wear as layers or just throw on for a day of running errands. Well I have a ton, why you ask? Well every time I see one on sale I pick it up so I have a rainbow of tanks and I got this one for $3.98 at Target!!

I got a wonderful idea from Disney at Ruffles and Stuff to do a lace appliqué on the tank to spice it up a little and make it more than just a simple tank.

So first thing first find a lace pattern that you would like to use as an embellishment and then cut out the piece (larger than the actual design). I had an old lace table cloth that I don't use anymore (huge stain right in the middle) for the perfect pattern.

Then you want to take a piece of wax paper, the lace, and Heat-N-Bond (paper side up), in that order and place a medium heat iron over the stack for a few (2-3) seconds. Take a peak and see if everything is properly 'glued' together.

The hard part is over! Now cut around the lace design.

Once you have your design cut you are ready to apply it to the tank. It took me a few maneuvers to figure out exactly how I wanted the pattern to lay. Then it is time to iron again… I like to put wax paper between the iron and the appliqué to avoid any stickiness transferring to the iron and iron for a few more (8-10) seconds until everything is secure. Another hint when using wax paper, shiny side down.

And you just crafted yourself a simple new tank top for the warm weather to come, and if you live where I live you will be wanting to wear this tank now!!! Let's just say it went from Winter to Summer here!!!

Sammy Gene

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