Thursday, August 26, 2010

Roaring Good Time

WOW a month went by that fast. In that month I managed to visit family every weekend, attend a birthday party (or two), spend a week at the beach with my entire family, and work. So please forgive me for my delinquent blogging and rest assure that I will try and make it up to everyone. So let me start with the birthday party. I spent several long nights melting and wiping and freezing and you get the point, to create these delicious treats for Baby B's first birthday party.

They were super simple to make however I should have bought a few molds and things would have progressed a lot smoother faster. All I did was buy two molds one from JoAnn's and one from Hobby Lobby, the melting chocolates and a squirt bottle kit (also from JoAnn's). To melt the chocolate all you have to do is place chocolates into bottles and put them into microwave for 30 seconds on half power. I had to do this a few time until the chocolate was completely melted to the perfect consistency. Next squirt the color of chocolate into the mold where appropriate, bump against the counter a few times, and then stick it into the freezer for a few minutes until the chocolate hardens and then add the next color layer. There you have it, pretty simple right? So then I found the second mold but this one took Oreo cookies in the center. Can I just say yummy yummy! Same process but just stick the Oreo in the center after the last layer of chocolate. I also made chocolate covered pretzels, again super easy. I actually melted the chocolate just the same and then took the cap off the bottle and just dipped the pretzel rod into the chocolate. I dipped a few into coconut for an added flare.

I also wanted to share the awesome cake my crafty sister created for Baby B.

She used her Cricut to cut the animals out and used them as a template. We also made super cute cupcakes following the Better Crocker directions.

The party was a success and was followed by a relaxing week at the beach. I Love the BEACH!!!!

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