Sunday, October 3, 2010

Bye, Bye High Waters

So I typically buy clothing off the clearance rack whenever possible. I mean come on who wouldn’t if you were saving a few bucks and after a few good buys you basically get one for free (my husband doesn’t see it like that). So I bought these cute light weight cotton pants for work. They were great for the summer heat. I am not pinning this on the husband but for some reason they all of the sudden got a bit too short to wear to work.

Yes, my legs spend most of the day under a desk but I don’t want to be the one strutting down the hallway with pants halfway up my ankles. So my solution…make them into capris! This is how I did it…super easy.

The first thing, take a pair of capris that are the ideal length that you are going for.

Then cut the high waters leaving two inches for the hem.  Fold over and iron the cut part ½-inch and then fold and iron leaving a 1-inch hem.

I like to iron all the folds and then sew it.

Then all you have to do is sew ¼-inch from the top of the new hem.

There you have it… new capris!!! (Please forgive the silly photo)

Happy Re-fashioning!

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